Bill Maher’s New Black Girlfriend?

Men, women, everybody, lend me your ears; I’m writing you today to drop a bomb on you. I didn’t know the severity of this issue until I started to talk to a few “brothas” who let me in on something major; racism.

I was hanging with one of my besties and her new white guy picked us up from cocktails. As we got into the car he said, “Sorry ladies, my radio won’t get Hot 97,” the local hardcore hip hop station. My friend and I are as into hardcore rap as Barbara Walters. There are no safe assumptions, homeboy.

Bill Maher's New Black Girlfriend

Yes… the quest for good hair isn’t limited to only black girl and white guy. Men too are also profiled in this film… from Rock’s own admission to going through his own Jheri Curl stage to a candid interview with the Rev. Al Sharpton about how his distinct “do” came to be… inspired by another male proponent of creamy crack relaxer, James Brown.

“Yes. I think that we are too loyal to white women black men dating site. And, what makes it so bad is they couldn’t care less! white women black men dating site date any type of woman they want. We [Black women] are sitting here waiting on them to pay us some attention and they are out dating anything underneath the sun! Why wait on them? We need to learn how to do the same,” a friend, 24, responded.

I grew up in Lake Charles, LA since I was five years old. I had not heard of dog fighting until I was in middle school or in high school. Perhaps people are questioning if I knew people with dogs. It is a fair question since I did not answer that question first. However, the answer to that question is yes. I knew people with dogs.

Rock’s documentary reveals that if you’re a black man… the quest for good hair factors into your dating choices and married life. One man notes if he sees a woman with an expensive weave… he knows she’s “out of his league”… or, indeed his beyond his bank account’s ability to fund the ongoing, regular upkeep of his potential lady’s costly coif.

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